Niambi Ra & Le’Asha blossom in latest uplifting single ‘Flowers’

Washington based singer-songwriter and emcee’s Niambi Ra and Le’Asha join forces for their latest offering, the uplifting and beautifully afrocentric song and accompanying music video – ‘Flowers’.

Inspired by the beauty and the struggle in Blackness, the road to success and the sacrifices made to get there, ‘Flowers’ offers us an insight into what these two women hold dear in the form of a dreamy, neo-soul/ alternative R&B fusion track, with a nice big dollop of hip-hop on the side.

‘Flowers’ demonstrates a lovely marrying of musical genres and even visual notes. The music video itself is rife with nods to Afro-futurism in some of the more contemporary clothing choices and the makeup, cleverly juxtaposed against more traditional African prints, costumes and hairstyles.

Niambi Ra x Le’Asha – Flowers Official Music Video

Inspired by Black culture, music, the Black Lives Matter movement and the people of the African diaspora as a whole, ‘Flowers’ aims to showcase and reinforce the power and importance of friendship, knowledge, beauty and empowerment amongst the community.

The visuals for ‘Flowers’ consistently praise and uplift, incorporating images and lyrics of Black strength, Black love and Black resilience that are all too needed in these trying times.


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