Daniel Allan unleashes electro-pop groove buster – ‘Insomnia’

Daniel Allan has just dropped his latest single and it’s one you might wanna stay up for. ‘Insomnia’ is the latest instalment from the young producer as he combines his signature style with some bouncy, electro-pop elements. Layered with vibrancy, the upbeat tune is overflowing with ear worm melodies from a vocal thats light, crisp and clean. Oozing with energy and major LA vibes, this naughty number is a feel good, groove buster from start to finish.

This song is about the anxiety surrounding a new relationship. The song describes the state of mind you find yourself in after meeting someone you want to get to know better – constantly overthinking. Second guessing. Worrying about messing things up to the point where you stay up all night running through different hypothetical situations…this is something that’s happened to me before, and I know many people will be able to relate” – Daniel Allan.


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