Junge Junge launch new sun-soaked single ‘This Summer’.

Junge Junge aka Rochus Grolle and Michael Noack return with a new sun-drenched single – ‘This Summer’ , following on from the success conjured up from previous releases ‘Run Run Run,’ ‘Beautiful Girl’ and ‘Make You Feel Like’ having earned hundreds of millions of streams already.

‘This Summer’ simply oozes good vibes through and through and is set to be a refreshing lift of spirits, priming us to soak up and relish the warmer weather during the months to come.

Evoking hazy summer memories, nostalgia drips from the seams of this bright, vibrant and effortlessly catchy pop tune.

“We are riding the same wave, and it’s been like that from day one, really.” – Junge Junge


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