Harina releases fourth fearless single – ‘LIAR’.

We welcome PM regular Harina back to the spotlight with her fourth single, the fierce, fiesty and fearless – ‘LIAR’. German-born and London based, Harina cascaded onto the music scene in December of last year with her first release, the catchy, festive themed ‘Last Christmas’. Since that initial introduction the pop princess has shown no signs of slowing and released two further tunes ‘Nothing’ and ‘Insecurities’.

Carrying the flames forward, her ambition, positivity and attitude fuel this fourth single as Harina shows yet again her effortless capabilities and comfort amongst the pop world. Always bringing the heat, we look forward to Harinas next sure fire hit. 

“’Liar’ is my badass anthem! It instantly makes me feel stronger, and that’s what I love about the song! Haters gonna hate – we can either let the judgement and fear paralyze us, or we can use it as motivation. I want to be a role model for all young people, especially young women – we are so powerful, and no one has the right to tell us otherwise. So to all the haters, I say “Thank you for doubting me, you’ll be the liar when I prove you wrong!” – Harina


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