HARINA rings in the festive season with Climate Crisis message in ‘Last Christmas’.

German singer- songwriter HARINA is no stranger to the music scene. Having been previously involved in the successful group Zazoo signed by Polydor. She is now focusing on her solo project, with a catalogue of new music ready for 2020.

HARINA has reentered the musical playing field with Trap, Pop, Christmas banger, ‘Last Christmas’. With themes of Environmentalism running throughout, this tune is a clever and quirky play on Christmas and consumerism. Including melodies from the popular Christmas Carol, ‘Carol Of The bells’, HARINA has tackled this new tune in true Ariana Grande style.

HARINAs sound is current, commercial and edgy with pockets full of Pop. Supported by sweet vocals and super catchy melodies, ‘Last Christmas’ may soon become a new alternative holiday season favourite. A Pop song with substance, it carries a powerful message hidden within the lyrical content. Importantly raising awareness and a warning of the current Climate Crisis, HARINA is truly leading the way for other Pop artists to speak out and cover similar topics within their music.

“We created this whole concept of an “End of the World” idea, that is suggesting that this is going to be everyone’s ‘Last Christmas’, due to the consequences of climate change. It is blaming those who have actively been supporting the causes of anthropogenic climate change for solely economic benefit, including overconsumption, overexploitation, pollution, and deforestation, to name but a few. I am very thankful for the people who fight for our planet on a daily basis for all of us. With this song, I am hoping to motivate people to inform themselves and contribute to the fight against climate change wherever they can.” – HARINA


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