For your quarantine viewing: Rye Millgan’s ‘Silhouette’

Check out this great new video from London’s Rye Milligan as he performs a bouncing single ‘Silhouette’. It’s a hedonistic mix of indie, hip-hop, pop and electronica, and we can see in real time Milligan bringing his songs crashing over the audience with layers of loops, samples, heavy bass lines and enchanting melodies in the latter half of the video.

“I’ve been tweaking this song’s production on and off for near three years. The actual song fell out in an evening, but the mix, I’ve been working on that for a while. One night when revisiting it, my housemate Alex Ross, the drummer for Luna Bay (the band I’m guitarist for) heard it and liked it. Seeing him excited about my solo music kind of gave me the confidence to get back into it and properly finish the track off. Thanks Alex and also thanks to all the people that have shown support for my music. The feeling’s magic.”




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