Nia Wyn introduces debut Soul drenched EP ‘Love I Can’t Ruin.’

Welsh singer-songwriter Nia Wyn has released her highly anticipated debut EP ‘Love I Can’t Ruin’. Combining several genres from Soul down to RnB, it exhibits influences from Marvin Gaye to Kehlani and Anderson Paak to Otis Redding, overflowing with musical flavour enough to suit any palate.
The 5-track EP contains previously released singles, ‘Stay in your Lane’, ’10 Seconds’ and the song upon which the EP is named, ‘Love I Can’t Ruin’. The newest additions to the body of work are the fiery ‘Last warning’ and neo-soul infused ‘Castaway’ which finish off a well rounded presentation of the young artists talents.
An offering oozing with fluidity and fluency, the EP displays Nia’s rare, raw and exquisite vocal tone, alongside her unique songwriting ability, expressing and conveying a full range of emotions, relatable to both young and old.
Laying the groundwork with this tenacious debut EP, Nia Wyn is certainly one to keep your eye on amongst the exciting and new, soul-RnB UK scene.

“I’m really excited to show everyone my first body of work.There’s a lot of emotions in this, for me there’s some anger in there; anxiety, vulnerability and finding safety/comfort in some places. etc. It’s hard sometimes being a young independent woman trying to make way in the music industry which influenced a few of the songs. There’s some darker moments in there when everything in the UK made me want to runaway and hide. But there’s some lighter stuff too about falling in love, getting hot for someone and telling cat callers to f*ck off.”– Nia Wyn

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