JayQ The Legend releases music video for new single ‘It Could Be You.’

JayQ The Legend has dropped his brand new music video to accompany recently released single ‘It Could Be you’ which has already amassed over 72,000 streams on Spotify so far.

Featuring his smooth lyrical content and equally as smooth vocals, atmospheric synths and a bouncing beats, JayQ approaches this video in an unexpected direction, showcasing that there is more to life than success, instead highlighting the importance of finding the one and being happy.

Blending well known and loved genres such as RnB and Hip-Hop, JayQ dusts this off with a little reggae to complete his signature style.

“It could be you MV is about the real life of a musician. The performances, the women, and the ultimately lonely lifestyle. He seems to have it all, but after all the performances and accolades, he is inevitably alone. It is a choice that JayQ The Legend makes to keep his peace and balance. He has the choice of all the luxuries in the world, all the beautiful women, but at the end of the day, he chooses solitude.” – JayQ The Legend.


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