PREMIERE: LOVER is ‘Waiting up’ for you in newest release ft Cult Shotta.

‘Waiting up’ is the newest single from Australian artist LOVER which includes guest vocals from Sydney based rap duo Cult Shotta. This first offering of 2020, being a little private taste of what to expect on LOVER’s upcoming EP.

Beginning with fantasy filled guitar, the song immediately transports you into a mix of otherworldly synths, autotune and space sounding magic. Topped off with future forward production and that Cult Shotta flavour, ‘Waiting Up’ is taken to all new levels and moments in time.

“‘Waiting Up’ originally stemmed from an idea my friend Litche sent me from a writing session we did a little while back. I sang a bunch of different hooks which he had cut up and sliced into a totally new arrangement. I was actually in the process of moving house the night he sent through the beat, and so everything around me, furniture and all, was either packed up or already gone and the house gave off a really eerie, lonely kinda vibe. I started singing the ‘Waiting Up’ hook in the first or second run through; in my mind I was picturing someone in an empty house, just staying there waiting for things to go back to the way they were, but regardless of the fact, a move / change was inevitable.”  – LOVER


Available to listen to elsewhere here.



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