Influences: Emerging Londoner Carmen releases smooth new single ‘Tell Me’, and talks us through some of her influences

Emerging Londoner Carmen releases smooth new single ‘Tell Me’, and talks us through some of her influences.

Best Friend by Ady Suleiman
I think this is just a really beautiful song. I’m a big fan of Ady Suleiman’s writing. I have evenings where I will listen to everything he’s released to chill out and relax. 

Icy Grl (feat. Kehlani) – Bae Mix by Saweetie
I love Kehlani and her rhymes. It’s her rap at the beginning of the tune that gets me. I love the rhythm of her delivery.

Rose in Harlem by Teyana Taylor 
This is a new find for me. I like the message of the song and it really reminds me of Boss by The Carters.

Cola by Arlo Parks 
What caught my attention about this song is the chords and beat and the vibe it creates. I love laid back vocals, it’s a bit of fresh air.

Cashmere Tears by Kojey Radical
Kojey Radical Colors session for this song is my favourite Colors video so far. I watch it on repeat. I put this on when I have parties.

Omo by Burna Boy 
This is the song I will dance to 24/7. I’m a big big fan of Burna Boys stuff! The beats are insane and his voice tone is beautiful.

Miss Shiney by Kaiit 
I love this song both musically and lyrically. The lyrics shine out to me. I think it captures being a perfectionist and your own biggest critic perfectly. This is something I really struggle with so it’s nice hearing something like this being written about.

Boss by The Carters 
I love the whole of the Everything Is Love album. I don’t have favourite lyrics often but Jay-Z’s line “We measure success by how many people successful next to you / Here we say you broke if everybody else broke except for you” resonates with me. 


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