Behind The Music: Australian artist Abraham Tilbury teams up with Amy Axegale on sumptuous new single ‘So Right’

Australian artist Abraham Tilbury teams up with Amy Axegale on sumptuous new single ‘So Right’. The track is a smooth combination of Axegale’s rhythmic production and Tilbury’s melodious vocal; a post R&B masterclass in chorus-driven songwriting.

Amy Axegale was in the process of writing & producing an album for US artist 2seat. I became close friends with Mazen whilst living in Melbourne and we would often write beats together. Our musical relationship officially dates back to June 2019 when Arkansas Artist ‘2seat’ released the track ‘wh0?’, which has since collected over 18K plays on Soundcloud. After moving home, I was still receiving instrumentals from Zen, and wrote ‘So Right’ as a reflection on my time in Melbourne. The beauty of this track was that before I had started recording vocals, I sung the lyrics for WA artist Jcal & he insisted it was my next release. Getting behind the scenes support from friends such as Amy Axegale, Jcal & Golden Vessel, has really made this release a special one for me.” – Abraham Tilbury

“In the process of producing an album with for fellow 0verdose artist ‘2seat’, Abe and I were sending mp3s back and forth. Once I heard an early performance he did over this beat and I instantly knew we had something special.” – Amy Axegal

Abraham Tilbury:

Amy Axegale:

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