Influences: Australian R&B newcomer TRQS walks us through the places that shape her

A place where I listen to a lot of new music is my room or my apartment in general; my balcony has an amazing view of the city and at night time it’s nice to just sit outside and look at the city while listening to music and drift off.

The Rollerskating rink is definitely a favourite place, I started working at one in my last year of high school and by the time I left the job, I had my very own DIY pair of roller skates. If I don’t get the time to go to the rink I take a trip down to the basement of my building where it’s cool and has a smooth surface to skate on. It’s great to bring a speaker and skate to some nice tunes.

Healthyselfco. – A nice cafe in Yarraville in the west of Melbourne where I like to go once in a while, they make a mean and fresh açai bowl that I religiously order.

I love going to see live music, my favourite venues in Melbourne are 170 Russell, Howler and The Forum. These venues always seem to have great sound and feel intimate enough for me to connect with who I’m seeing.

Red Triangle – A place where they make the best milkshakes but also where billiards is played, a bunch of us used to go there quite often where the level of banter would be off the charts. Funnily enough they make milkshakes but there is never the sound of a blender…it still remains a mystery as to how the man who owns the business makes his milkshakes. 


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