EllaHarp enchants with new wintery release ‘SnowBird’.

Angelic vocals, hauntingly beautiful melodies and undulating, perfectly plucked harp hang together in EllaHarps latest single, ‘SnowBird’.

The San Fran based Harpist and singer songwriter, Ella Dawn Jenkins, aka EllaHarp is working to change the existing stereotype surrounding classical harpists hailing before her. This artist experiments with contemporary blues & pop and creates her sound using an instrument designer entirely by herself. 

Combining her fresh musical take, her unique instrument and her lineage of composer and arranger Gordon Jenkins she sets out on her mission, pushing the harp out of type-cast genre constraints. She is certainly doing things her own way and her music echoes her creativity, drive and passion.

Watch the video for ‘SnowBird’ below; reflective, simple and filled with a reminiscent air of days gone by.

“‘Snowbird’ is about my curmudgeonly, widowed old neighbour who lived behind us in the house I grew up in. He was kind of an asshole as far as had been concerned, but I was probably a pretty shitty neighbour too as a little kid.
Reflecting as an adult, I felt guilty having seen him only as the grumpy old man in the red house next door, and wrote this as an introspection on my childhood, time, and his passing. We lived in the mountains of Southern California at the time, in a wild little A frame house on a street called Snowbird Dr.” – EllaHarp


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