Newcomers Ugly Mothers explode onto the scene with debut single ‘GRINGO’ alongside gruesomely gritty visual.

New spaghetti-Western Rock-n-Roll quintet group Ugly Mothers have officially arrived and with them they bring their debut single ‘GRINGO’ for your ears to feast upon.

These bloodthirsty bandits are known for creating romantic soundscapes, which would sit prettily on any Hollywood, blockbuster cowboy film. Ugly Mothers do more than just ruffle your feathers with their copious amounts of fizzing fuzz riffs. They partner this with a powerful poetic vocal complete with creative, storytelling lyrics. The loud, hoarse lead is complimented by the soft, sweet and catchy backing, which often sings the chorus or the hooks.

Accompanied by a gloriously gruesome & gritty,  Tarantino-esque style video, this visual will certainly make you think twice before getting on the wrong side of this Burberry scarf wearing gang.

Causing quite a stir on the London and Liverpool gig circuit so far, rumour has it that should you attend an Ugly Mothers show, you are in for a rather explosive experience which is certain to keep you nice and toasty in this winter weather.

You can catch this tumultuous tribe in the flesh on the 6th of December at o2 Academy Islington. 

“Despite numerous chip-shop squabbles, fruit machine flare-ups and failed get-rich-quick schemes, Ugly Mothers have managed to sort the necessary paper-work to officially release Gringo on the 8th of November.

Ugly Mothers take inspiration for their music from what they perceive as a disappointing life, littered with fruitless romantic entanglements and riddled with financial insecurity.”


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