City Park encourage you to ‘Getaway’ in latest electro indie release.

City Park, ambling from Amsterdam are an electro Indie Pop duo comprising of Sjaak and Saux.

‘Getaway’ is a sleek R&B crossover creation, licked with sweet, slinky guitar riffs and elevated soft vocals that sit neatly on top of the track. In keeping with their trademark falsetto, they combine this lightness with a minimal but heavy funk.

Playing on themes of young love, ‘Getaway’ talks about “falling for someone who’s still seeing someone else: a morning after story that plays on the need to resist and wanting more at the same time.

It explores the energy between forbidden love and the moral need to do the right thing, making ‘Getaway’ the guilty pleasure that we all get to enjoy.

City Park describe how “the title Getaway also has two meanings: on one hand it’s the urge to escape the situation as a whole, on the other it’s a cry to run away together” 


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