Chicago’s Shreya Preeti stuns on nostalgia tinged new single ‘Think I’d Like To Be You’

Shreya Preeti is an Indian / American alt-pop songwriter based between Minneapolis and Chicago. Her sound is slightly left of center, often tinged with throwback elements and big melodies. ‘Think I’d Like To Be You’ is her new single and follows on from her Sophomore EP ‘Encore’. It’s a searingly sumptuous tune with soaring vocals and 80’s synth lines.

“The song represents so many of my common feelings where I wonder if I am inadequate in comparison to the plethora of talented and deserving independent artists out there. I know I am not alone in this comparison game, and I feel like this song will resonate with many other people who fall prey to the impossible standards of social media and just being a person living in 2019. The production was inspired by a recent interest and love for 80’s pop music. My producer and I have been listening to a lot of Chaka Khan, Toto, and Charlie Puth (the latter being the perfect blend of 80’s pop and 2019 sounds!), which drove us to want to make a sound that build off of like the artists we love.” – Shreya Preeti


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