Introducing: Dylan Owen, The Undeniable Sensation Goes Deep in New ‘Holes in Our Stories’ EP

Establishing an impressive grass-roots fanbase with his thought-provoking content, known as music’s “Next Big Sound”, New York’s Dylan Owen delivers his highly-anticipated new album, “Holes in Our Stories”. A 13-track collective of therapeutic material of Owen sharing his personal life with the world as he searches for answers through the production. including breakout cuts, “Garden of the Ashes”, “Fingerprints”, and “Wrinkles”.

“It feels like this album took me my entire life up until now to make. It begins at a childhood summer camp where I learn to write songs and fall deeply in love, and then it covers how that origin story has gone on to affect me to this day. I tried to capture every piece of my life on this album that I’ve always glorified in my memory but never put to paper. I shout out my old songwriting teacher on the song Andrew Rose, I write about our lives being like a movie on Ending Credits, and I give the “Garden” song trilogy of mine a proper ending. I hope that how brutally honest it is can help other people feel understood.”

Holes in Our Stories is available now via Dylan Owen own imprint.


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