Introducing: Stockholm based Kella lives in the moment on new single ‘Trainwreck’

Kella has been honing her craft in Nashville and London over the past few years, perfecting her sound and growing as a songwriter. Whilst in London she met Swedish producer Johannes Andersson, and they cooked up Kella’s exciting debut single ‘Trainwreck’. Searing synths meet anthemic melodies to create a soundscape that draws on the 80’s but retains a contemporary edge. This is one for your nu-pop playlists, an infectiously bouncy sound with well crafted hooks.

“Trainwreck is inspired by real life situations. I’m a passionate person, but with passion, there’s always a good and bad side. Fights, love, making up. It’s not that I had a habit of falling for boys that were bad for me, but it’s more reflecting and knowing that I’m just as guilty as they are in these situations. It’s admitting that we enjoy the back and forth, we’re ignoring our consciences, and we’re just continuing to be in the excitement of the moment whether it lasts or doesn’t.” – Kella


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