Toronto’s starlet Willa shares her introspective new single ‘Cause You Did’

Toronto’s starlet Willa shares her introspective new single ‘Cause You Did’, a pensive track which speaks to the repercussions after heartbreak. The pop sensation’s flawless vocals glide over both an organic instrumentation and electronic production, with poetic lyricism drenched in emotionality and vulnerability.

Willa Promo 2 (PC Sophia Baboolal)

Willa grew up thinking that hearing music in colour was normal. It wasn’t until she was explaining the colour of a song to her mother at age 11 that Willa was told that in fact, it was not normal. Funnily enough, her uncle, the man who taught her to play piano also had synesthesia; a cross-sensory condition which allows those who have it to experience things with more than one sense.

“Writing ‘Cause You Did’ was the first time I truly faced my feelings about the person that hurt me most. The song explores my inability to allow myself to get close to anyone since then and how the thick skin I’ve developed feels powerful; like an armour or strength even though underneath that armour is only hurt and fear. Even though I know vulnerability is real strength. I’m working on it.” – Willa


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