Tye James shares his first single, ‘So Damn Good’ from new solo project

Tye James embarks on a sensational solo project, of which ‘So Damn Good’ is the first release, outside of his band KNGDAVID. The track’s rhythmic production provides an atmospheric instrumental bed for Tye James’ killer hook to slide over, whilst his flawless soul-infused vocals bring the track to life.

“This song is the first off of a new 5 song EP I’ve created separate of my band KNGDAVD. It was important for me to write and sing the way I wanted to, without over-editing every single thing to see if it’s cool. ‘So Damn Good’ was the first song I wrote for the project, and it was the first session I’ve done without my partner in KNGDAVD in a long time. It was the first place I got to vent about some internal issues we were having, the ups and downs that are the music business, deals that didn’t go through etc… ‘So Damn Good’ also sets the tone for the project, every instrument was recorded in the studio live room with a real band, really good players, and a lot of fun. We spent three days tracking the instrumentals for the project, and then another day recording the gospel choir. This is the first of 5 songs that I hope share a larger story and I hope really resonate with people.” – Tye James


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