LA’s Joseph Luca returns with an organic track ‘Make You Mine’

Los Angeles-based Joseph Luca returns with a more raw, organic track, ‘Make You Mine‘, a blend of influences such as love, masculinity, materialism and success. The vulnerable single is a romantic R&B track, stripped of overproduction and heavy instrumentals; the unrivalled soulful vocals lead the low-fi elements through the track perfectly. Growing up in a household with a single mother, Joseph was inspired by artists such as Prince and David Bowie who embraced both masculine and feminine qualities in their music. Joseph tells us, “my music touches onto something a lot men are afraid to tap into. Men are commonly not in tune with the feminine side of themselves that exists whether they like it or not. I’m here to redefine everything a man can be and music is my weapon of choice.

“’Make You Mine’ is a romantic record about what it takes to give every part of you to that someone you love. It’s about what it feels like to have someone by your side that makes you feel like you can endure anything that life throws your way.” – Joseph Luca


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