Nashville’s rising star Daniella Mason unleashes her vulnerable ‘Emotional State’ EP

Nashville’s rising star Daniella Mason unleashes her vulnerable ‘Emotional State’ EP, an ode to rawness, openness to vulnerability, coming to terms with loss and having a taste of what it means to be human. Mason’s angelic vocals top both an organic instrumentation and electronic production, with poetically written lyricism drenched in emotionality.

“The natural next step seemed to be ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’. It details getting to know the feelings I kept at bay for so long: the fear of growing old, the fear of wasting my youth, and the feeling of being out of control (one of my hardest lessons).  The bridge specifically details the fear of going mad.  But I find that when you’ve stifled yourself emotionally for so long and then begin to let it all unravel and let those emotions reveal themselves, you feel a bit mad, even thought it’s actually just a taste of being human.” – Daniella Mason



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