Brooklyn-born Alex Mali releases breathtaking new single ’99 Bottles’

Brooklyn-born Alex Mali returns with a breathtaking spin on her new R&B single ‘99 Bottles’. This track, inspired by the age-old folk song ‘99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall’, is made for going out and letting loose with friends to take the mind off of tough situations like break ups, arguments and relatable shared experiences. Alex Mali’s cocktail of fresh beats, addictive hooks and silky, soulful vocals makes clear how and why people are grabbed by her sound; she stands above the crowd scoring spots on popular playlists such as Fresh Finds, New Music Friday, Alternative R&B and more, as well as kicking of New York Fashion Week at the VFILES show at the Barclays Center. Alex Mali has much more in store on top of her current accomplishments as she intends to keep the momentum going with new releases on the way.

“The inspiration behind this particular single started with the anonymous folk song we all know “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall”. Unlike most of my other songs, I started with that hook and moved on to the verses. I began thinking about reasons why people drink. After a break up, argument, or anything rough in life, we often head to a bar or party with friends to busy our minds and I used that frame of mind to guide me into the concept of the song. I was in a relationship with a guy a while ago, who unfortunately cheated on me with an old close friends younger sister..among other things. I was younger and very naive at the time– investing my heart and energy into this relationship and when I began putting things together, I realised how foolish I had been. Tapping into these past emotions helped me create the full storyline and “99 Bottles” was born.”– Alex Mali


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