Nashville’s King John releases infectious new track ‘Physical’ with LUX

Nashville-based King John releases his infectious new track ‘Physical’ with LUX. The introduction and pre-chorus immediately draws you in with their combination of silky vocals, crisp production and lyricism soaked in alluring poetry. King John has an impressive roster of collaborations such as Johnny Stimson, Grant Terry, Okey Dokey, Camden, Uncle Meg, Bryce Drew, and he has since begun scoring feature films and high-end brand commercials.

“I thought LUX had something really unique in her voice and had been dying to work with her. The song is about that unabashed-head over heels-make all the wrong decisions kind of love. The kind of love that can consume you, make you hysterical, and move the axis of your life. Yet for that to occur almost always one person remains calm, they remain collected, they make that love seem easy, grounded or in this case physical.” – King John


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