Chatterbox: Bronze Whale talk about their new single ‘One’, blogging, Austin and influences.

Hey! Could you tell our readers something about yourself that they might not find out otherwise?

We are both really bad dancers. Aaron is good at darts though.

What are your musical influences?

That’s like the hardest question. We used to run a blog called Waxhole and that need to constantly dig and find new music sticks with us. We eventually turned that need into Magic Magic to find music that continue to influence us. There’s big artists that hit home too of course like Anderson Paak., Rufus Du Sol, and Glass Animals that end up getting played on the regular, but some of our biggest inspiration comes from the raw sounds you find in those newly emerging artists. 

How would you describe the sound you’ve crafted over your last few releases?

It has evolved a lot this last year. There’s still those EDM elements, but it feels a lot more Indie/R&B. We’ve had a lot of fun finding old drum styles and injecting them into a more modern sound. 

Where are you based?

Austin, Texas.

How does your city impact your music?

Austin is a pretty free spirited town. We were both raised here and that culture definitely reflects in how open we are stylistically from song to song.

What does the new single draw upon thematically?

Aaron brought (what would become One) as a starter to a studio session, and it just felt so warm inviting. It’s still crazy hot in Texas, and we wanted something that spoke to summer days and dreaming about the future. Also, as our project grows, there’s been a real pull for us towards LA. A big theme is that tug between where you’re from and where you may end up.  

Did the track evolve significantly in the studio from the original demo?

From demo to done was incredibly quick with this one. I think it really shines through in how naturally the song flows.

What do fans have to look forward to over the next few months?

It was really important for us to complete a full length album this year. The new direction shown in songs like Patterns, Warm, One, and Gold Grain, were building to the end of this year when we’ll be releasing The Shape Of Things.


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