Chatterbox: Belgian trio Yellowstraps talk to us about their new EP ‘Blame’ and linking up with Majestic Casual

Could you tell our readers something about yourself that they might not find out

We are called YellowStraps because the first strap I ever bought was yellow haha (Alban).

Where are you based?

We are based in Brussels, in Belgium.

Do you think your city affects your sound?

Definitely, we grew up in a very calm city and I think it has had an impact on our music for sure.

When you released Blame, were you expecting the kind of reception you got?

Absolutely not, actually we wanted to release it just on our own with no label or support. Hopefully, we contacted majestic casual records and sent them our demos and they were really down to collaborate with us. The response on the tracks have been amazing so far we really didn’t expect such good feedbacks.

How would you describe the sound you’ve crafted over your last few releases?

It’s difficult to describe our sound, it’s a blend of genres like hip hop, jazz, electronic and soul. Our sound has evolved over the past years. At the beginning our songs were more like acoustic tracks with guitars and vocals only.

What does the new EP draw upon thematically?

It all starts with Blame that’s also the name and the feeling of the EP. It’s a story between two people that are deeply in love, but they can’t find a solution to make it work. All along the song the narrator keeps on trying to find a solution, but he becomes more and more desperate cause her lover won’t take the blame and admit that everything is going wrong. It’s an interpretation of how selfish love can sometimes be.

‘Like Magic’ is an introduction of Nights Up. The narrator is talking about a ‘one-way’ love story. He’s stuck because he wants a relationship instead of a friendship. In ‘Nights Up’, it’s also a different version of selfish love. It’s more about that ‘one- way’ love affair we have in ‘Like Magic’ – a story of a girl that wants more than a friendship. At the end, the narrator tries to explain how obvious the situation is. That their meant to be together cause everything’s almost perfect when they’re together. But it’s only magical for one of

‘Idle Talk’ is the finality of the EP. The finality of the story. The finality of the situation at the end of ‘Blame’ (it’s only, you cut the wires, etc.) ‘Idle Talk’ is about how far a relationship can go wrong until it breaks out forever. When two people that were in love start being strangers for each other and no one cares of the other person. No one have the strength to take the blame and their responsibilities. This song is related to ‘Blame’ cause the narrator keeps on trying to find a solution (‘Don’t push further you know all I’ve tried’) but starts to understand that all this went too far.

It looks like it’s a pessimist EP but as the narrator says in ‘Blame’, ‘It’s only love’. It’s part of our lives. But when we choose the wrong way, it’s almost impossible to get back on track. That’s why we chose music you can dance to to remember there’s hope in all that. We just need to take the right decisions.

Is there a track that stands out as a favorite to you?

Yes ‘Blame’ is our favorite track of the EP for the production and mostly for the lyrics.

Did the tracks evolve significantly in the studio from the original demos?

Yes, because in the studio we worked with a friend of ours called Lennard Vink a.k.a.
VYNK and we really improved the quality of the tracks in terms of sound.

What do fans have to look forward to over the next few months?

We are preparing a new EP linked to the ‘Blame EP’ and collaborating with interesting people. We are really looking forward to releasing those new tracks.


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