Chatterbox: We talk to Swedish songwriter Yaeger about ‘Dopamine High’, Stockholm and Stevie Wonder

Could you tell our readers something about yourself that they might not find out otherwise?

In this moment when I’m writing this, I’m listening to the album “Hotter than July” by Stevie Wonder on my LP-player.

Where are you based?

Stockholm, Sweden.

Do you think your city affects your sound, and how would you describe it?

I believe it does. We are one of the largest in the music industry, first and foremost in Pop, so that has obviously affected my sound; taking inspiration from international Swedish Pop-artists like Robyn. But also from the artists only singing in swedish; Oskar Linnros, Håkan Hellström, Veronica Maggio, etc. I feel that my sound is affected by the city itself as well; the sound of it, the look of it, and everything I experience here. My sound is often explained as edgy pop-oriented, atmospheric, but yet radio-formatted. I think that is a perfect mix between who I am as a person, what our Swedish music history looks like, and how twenty years of growing up in this city has shaped me.

When you released Ocean, were you expecting the kind of reception you got?

No, not really. I knew it was a good song, but we had no plans for it. We recorded it in the end of a session, because I wanted to show the producer Simon Lundgren my idea for a song. He told me to throw in the vocals with only a metronome, then he produced the instrumental afterwards, and we ended up using the demo-takes on the master. A few months later Simon made the cover art and got in touch with a radio channel who wanted to premiere it, and we released “ocean”. It really lead to the jumpstart of my career. Since then I’ve gotten to know the business really well in and outside of Sweden, but no doubt that I really had to to study and learn everything that’s included in this job. It’s been a ride. Now I’m looking forward to the response for my next single!

What does the your new single “Dopamine High” draw upon thematically?

Totally a love story. The single is inspired by the ecstatic and releasing experience at raves, where the story of the single takes place. It’s about two young lovers, who after an intimate and electric first meeting, do not dare to let their desires guide them back to each other. Instead, they get caught up in careers. Each hurrying, and looking for something they cannot define. The core feeling of the song is the thrilling moment when they meet again and ignore all the questions about when and why.

Did the track evolve significantly in the studio from the original demo?

Yes, you could say that. We’ve put a lot of love into this song. It is rewritten 2 times, and we recorded lead vocals 4 times because we weren’t satisfied with the feeling of the vocals. We all shared the same vision of what we wanted the song to be like, but I think that vision developed during the time we improved every little piece of the song. Basically what has evolved from the original demo is; going from pretty soft and harmonious, much more low-key than it is now – to a lot more energy, dynamic, and Yaeger. Also totally made for dancing.

What do fans have to look forward to over the next few months?

Loads of stuff! More singles, a music video, and my debut-EP! And hopefully more gigs!

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