Los Angeles based writer Devmo releases Buzzworthy EP, ‘Change My Mind’

Growing a popularity through the Cyphers, Los Angeles female recording artist Devmo is the talk of the town right now thanks to her runaway song, “Kylie Jenner”. The Irish sensation capitalizes on her moment with the release of her highly-anticipated EP, properly-titled, ‘Change My Mind’.

‘Change My Mind’ is a five-track project that is empowering, encouraging, and most of all very impressive. Among the new music is the previous releases and breakout title track featuring guest appearance by 88MPH. Critics are raving, Devmo’s lyrics are full of razor sharp social commentary about relationships, celebrity and destroying Hip-Hop stereotypes. The EP manages to boil society down its base elements and takes pot shots at the value of social status and how hilarious it is, to live your life by those values.

The new EP is a follow-up to Devmo’s 2014 debut, ‘Real Talk’. Shortly before ‘Change My Mind’ release, Devmo campaigned with the new video off the EP, “Hollywood”. Devmo is currently touring throughout the West Coast as her stock continues to rise to mainstream recognition. Pay close attention to this one, she is definitely one-to-watch the rest of 2018.


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