WITHOUT releases a stunning video for their sumptuous single ‘Talking Bout Me ft. Empara Mi’

Rising R&B artist Empara Mi and UK Duo WITHOUT have dropped some stunning visuals for their recently released single ‘Talking Bout Me’ – a brooding combination of sumptuous production and soaring melodies. The visual video was shot across East London, and switches between crisp, wide shots and glitchy VHS-style footage. It was directed by Marta Brodacka, who is known for blending different styles of cinematography and features models Charlotte Rose and Miguel Harichi. This is a must watch.

“It was critical that the video for ‘Talking Bout Me’ told the story of the song,” says WITHOUT. “There are so many layers to the lyrics that they really need a strong visual to unpack them. Marta’s style of Film making and her use of multiple film formats were a perfect match for the project.”

“For me the thing I love about the video is the nostalgia of those fragile moments at the beginning of a relationship where everything lies on that fine balance of for now and forever,” adds Empara Mi.  “You want to seem cool and nonchalant but at the same time you want them to be talking about you to everyone they know.”


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