Finnish producer Alisky teams up with IOLITE on new single ‘Traces’

Alisky is a 21 year old producer based in Finland, the electronic beat-smith is beginning to make a name for himself with his own brand of energetic electronica. You might also have heard of Alisky as a member of the international artist collective Caps Lock Crew. His new single ‘Traces’ features Colorado based songwriter IOLITE, who we have covered before on the blog – it’s a percussive production with soaring melodies and swirling synths.

“Call me a gold digger cause’ I found treasure inside you. This is my favorite lyric of mine that I wrote for the song, it summarizes the song perfectly. The song was written towards someone or something that you find complete joy in. When nothing else matters, when other people and situations let you down, and you still feel completely secure because of the true treasure that you have found. It follows you, does not leave your side – and won’t let you down.” – IOLITE


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