Beautifully raw, ARIEL gifts us with healing track ‘All Night’

ARIEL delivers a well-polished piece of introspective pop ‘All Night’; an authentic track that comes from a place of deep introspection and healing.  On the verge of a breakdown brought on by burn out, addiction and broken dreams, ARIEL left the city and found herself back on the island that had been her childhood home.  With a view of the Atlantic Ocean, writing began of a collection of introspective pop songs.  One of which is ‘All Night’, a heavy and fluid expression of personal experience.  Much like the island she found herself using as her refuge, ‘All Night’ stands as a slow remedy for a previous life.

“This song is about being in denial. I wrote it over the course of one night in a caravan by the beach on the east coast of England”ARIEL


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