Alt-pop songwriter Sara Kendall releases ‘See Through’ – a note on acknowledging wrongful behaviour

Massachusetts born songwriter Sara Kendall builds tracks around haunting and introspective lyrics, exploring themes such as empowerment and self preservation. Taking inspiration from both female artists and novels, Kendall’s lyrics are reflective of her life experience and delivered with a powerful vocal. Following her debut EP “Delicate”, her forthcoming EP “Comply” tackles the concept of taking ownership of one’s own perception in an emboldened tone backed by sparse but often heavy and cinematic production.

“I wrote ‘See Through’ on my loop station using only vocals to build the atmosphere around the lyrics.  This approach made the translation of it for the EP so natural and we were able to finish the track quite quickly. It’s about acknowledging unjust or wrongful behavior and rattling the cage.”  – Sara Kendall


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