Coast hopping artist Ian Gott releases a sun-soaked piece of summer pop titled ‘Don’t Care’

Born in New York City and currently based in LA, Ian Gott is a songwriter that is making a name for himself by blending sun soaked guitar licks with silky R&B production. Having attended Berklee before beginning his journey as a recording artist, Gott has played guitar for artists including Backstreet Boys, Daniel Powter and Anthony Kilhoffer. His new single ‘Don’t Care’ is an effervescent, bubbly pop number with depth. Lyrically, it draws on themes of friction, self-awareness and emotional maturity.

“Don’t Care is all about feeling like it’s too soon to tell someone how you really feel.  It’s hard for two people to be on the same page and it’s even harder to leave old heartbreak out of a new relationship.  I also wanted to address how a man often has to act keep his feelings to himself and not show too much of his heart too soon.” Ian Gott


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