Chatterbox: Effee talk to us about her jumprope expertise, layering influences, Spotify and her new single ‘You & I’

Hey, thanks for chatting to us. Could you tell our readers something about yourself that they might not find out otherwise?

Of course! Let’s see… I’m going to go the weird skill route. I’m weirdly good at jumprope – I was on a Jumprope Team when I was a kid and I still have the record at my elementary school for Rump Jumps.

Amazing! How would you describe the sound you’ve built over the last year?

I’ve been trying take all of the pieces of music that I love – the pieces that make me fall in love with a song – and build off of that in my music. Vocal layers, pop hooks and melodies, descriptive/raw lyrics – and tie those into the electro-pop world. That’s what
I want this project to encompass. 

How does it feel to be getting such great support and numbers on Spotify?

It has been amazing and also totally shocking. Especially with my first few releases, to have that support as a new artist was incredible. People all over the world were listening to the music I wrote in my bedroom.

What does ‘You & I’ draw upon?

With ‘You & I’, I was conjuring up all of the feelings that come with a new relationship. The almost giddy feeling you get every time you talk to that person or even think of them. You kind of lose all sense of anything else. When you’re not with them, you can’t stop thinking about when you will be with them.

Did it evolve significantly in the studio from the original demo?

Yes! I wrote and created the original demo with my friend Sam Vanderhoop Lee (of Magic Man) last summer. We got most of the synths and drums laid out and the main vocal melodies the day we wrote it. From there, Scott Griffin (producer of my two songs Work It Out and Lying) and I added some more guitar, beefed up the drums and added a lot more vocal harmonies. 

Is it part of a larger project, an EP or Album?

I’m planning on putting You & I and my next few singles on an EP later this year – I’ll be releasing a few more singles this summer and Fall and those will all be packaged on the EP!

What do fans have to look forward to over the next few months?

New music! And a few live videos – which I’m very excited about. I’ve also been covering an Arctic Monkey’s song (Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High) live and I’d like to get a recording of that done to put into the world. I’ll also be doing some more live shows – I’m very excited to be playing Breakaway Fest in Columbus, OH this summer with Halsey, Khalid, Quinn XCII and ODESZA! It’s going to be amazing!


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