The Holdup releases ‘Solid’, a gorgeous piece of emotive soul.

Few artists can truly connect, transcribing one’s emotions into a melodic form is no mean feat. California’s ‘The Holdup’ is one of these songwriters, showcasing his ability to emote on his new single ‘Solid’. The production is sumptuous, with sizzling hats and frenetic bass grooves underpinning an undeniably infectious hook.

“With the release of this song I felt obligated to give somewhat of an explanation,” says Garmany. “‘Solid’ is about my experience with anxiety, and depression and how it relates to my career. Especially in the last year, I have been through some seemingly unprovoked and sudden bouts with anxiety and depression. When it first started happening I was terrified and had no idea what was wrong with me. I felt hopeless and nearly suicidal. I had no idea why suddenly my heart was constantly racing or why joy seemed like such an impossible and foreign emotion. Because I’m speaking to a broader audience that may not be able to relate, I won’t go into much more detail. I may however, in the future, write something more specific about my experience. But for now just know that I’m fully functional and grateful to be where I am.” – The Holdup


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