AKAY & Ayelle team up on their rousing collaborative single ‘Lights Out’

Ayelle has been a blog favourite for a while now, recognised for her sumptuous, silky vocals and emotive songwriting style. We have been fortunate enough to receive regular musical updates from the Swedish songstress, with a flurry of features and originals over the last 12 months.


AKAY produces gorgeously mature future R&B, restrained and rhythmic, the Manchester based beat-smith blurs the lines between genres. Speaking to Kaltblut Magazine, he notes:

“During the production of this track I focused on using percussive elements that sounded unique to what I hear on the radio. R&B always gave me this really sexy vibe and I try to emulate that in my songs. I’m a big fan of using sustained synths to create a relaxed vibe. I chose Ayelle as her voice is able to express this vulnerability but strength at the same time. There weren’t many singers that I found that could achieve what I was looking for but when I chanced upon Ayelle, I knew she would be perfect for the track. I would classify my sound as future R&B, it’s a experimental yet familiar tone that I hope makes the listener feel some type of way.” – AKAY


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