BAER debuts a stunning visual for her new single ‘River’

BAER is quickly becoming something of a favourite here at Purple Melon. We ran an interview with the L.A. based songwriter upon the release of her last single ‘What Does It Matter’ and today we’re happy to bring you the video for her newest record ‘River’.

“This song paints a visual picture of the upcoming EP, The Pink Formosa. The lyrics use ‘the river’ as a metaphor to describe a meeting place between an ex-lover and I, which also refers to somewhere on my body…you get the idea 😉 Using the concept of the water and the river, I took imagery from the famous Chinese poet, Li Bai, from his poem about sending off an old friend at the river. I also took inspiration from an ancient Chinese folklore and tried to create a fantastical imagery in the bridge of the song.” – BAER

“For the production of the song, I worked closely with my longtime collaborator Zuric (who produced my debut single Breathe The Same) to dial in on the sonic elements and produce this oriental, flowy feeling.”


“I worked closely with video director Drew Kirsch to bring this to the audience visually, and our video captures styles of East and West. The music video of River gives my fans a glimpse of the aesthetic that I hope to create with The Pink Formosa.” – BAER


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