Premiere: Hotel Garuda – Till It Burns Out (Remixes)

Hey guys, first of all – how’s 2017 been for you so far?

2017’s been really good to us! We went on our first headline tour, played a bunch of festivals for the first time, and are now about to embark on our second headlining tour this fall, along with Daktyl, Saint WKND, Geotheory and Kidswaste.

Could you tell us a little bit more about Till It Burns Out?

Till It Burns Out started as a demo with vocals, piano and some sparse production sent to us by our label and we really liked the thought of embellishing on the parts of the song that stuck out to us – the gospel-like tone of the vocal, as well as some of the instrumentation. A few months later after producing the beat around the vocals from the demo we have what you hear now, the final version of the song.

How did the acoustic mix come about?

We liked the song as it was in demo form before we even started “producing” it, so we thought it would be cool for fans to hear a more stripped down version than you usually hear, that sort of contrasts with the high energy of the original.

I wrote the beginnings of this song one afternoon last summer on my piano at home in london, finished it in la and then hotel Garuda took it to a whole new place, it’s amazing to come full circle and record it all again on that same piano in Soho and get my longtime collaborator Charlie Mclean to produce it with me. I love this version and it’s such freedom to have recorded such a step away from my usual electronic vibe for everyone. – Violet Skies

What else do we have to look forward to coming into the winter?

This winter we’re releasing a new single that we collaborated on with one of our favorite bands. It’s been a really long time in the making and it wasn’t until more recently that the production and arrangement came together in a way that we all felt really happy with the final outcome.

The remix pack for Till It Burns Out, other than the Violet Skies Acoustic Remix, has remixes by Dugong Jr., HMU and QUIX. These are all artists we have great respect for, and we’ve been friends with Dugong and QUIX for a while now so it’s been great to link up and trade work with our peers. The HMU remix is a special one because we found out about these guys randomly through the spotify viral charts a while back, and instantly hit them up to remix the song. Really excited with the results and we hope you dig them too!

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