Chatterbox: Jo$e Rivera talks about his new single, working with Swazzo and family.

Hey Jo$e, where did the new single come from?

In 2015, my producer Swazzo drove from Columbia, Sc to Atlanta Georgia to do some recording with me. We were recording and the music and I was having issues with a verse I was working on for another record that we never finished. I had a couple people over in the session and one person picked up a note book and was reading a poem. It was about my biological mother. My grandmother (Abuelo) raised me and my mother was never around. My grandmother raised me since I was 6 months years old.

The girl saw the passion and fire in the poem and asked me to read it. As I did, my producer started to make a beat on the spot and Creole Devine decided to lay her vocals to the hook because of how much it touched her. We only recorded my verse and her vocals to the hook. In 2016 I started to build a relationship with Mickey Factz via facebook. I reached out to him in January to see if we could do a record. I sent him a couple records and he liked “Memory Lane” the most. He recorded and sent his verse back and the best became history.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

I am currently working on a Project called “Becoming Legendary II: Dreams Never Die” which is slated to be released late November- Early December. I will also be releasing about four more records between now and the release of my project as well.

What’s on the horizon for you?

Besides the project that I will be dropping, I will also be releasing a clothing line that represents my brand this coming winter. My label/ brands name is Organic Culture. It represents my ability to share organic music and ideas to my family peers, community and the world.


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