Chatterbox: Hi-Fi Cali x The Prams

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

The Prams: We are “dream-pop” husband & wife duo based out of Minneapolis. We’ve been inspired by the sounds of 80’s pop and the storytelling and harmonies of duos throughout the years. We aspire to write songs that tell a story and leave you feeling all good things.

Chris (Hi-Fi Cali): I live in Minneapolis with my wife and our two boys, and I’m very quickly approaching 30… I have a few different musical projects – Hi-Fi Cali, Bora York, Elskavon are my main ones. Hi-Fi from the start has basically been a place to just experiment and try things out, whether live or in the studio. I think going forward to really differentiate it from Bora York, I’m hoping to do lots of collaborations with other artists and producers, like we did with Attention, and experiment with doing filmed studio improvisation videos as well, things like that. Whereas my other projects sort of have a certain sound, I feel like Hi-Fi songs are constantly jumping from genre to genre, and I like that. Always trying to stretch myself and toy with new ideas.

Where did the new single come from?

The Prams: Attention was a lyrical idea we’d had for a while based off the real-life tension of not being willing to resolve issues or disagreements, but instead letting them sit until the other person notices you’re mad and addresses the issue. We’d tried to morph the melody into a few different song ideas we’d had, but none of them felt right. But when we collaborated with Chris on the track we tried out the melody with what he had already started to create in the track and it was a perfect fit. That’s what made this collaboration so great. Chris’ creativity and pure musical genius is exactly what we needed for this latest single.

Chris: We’ve talked about doing a track together for a while. When I sent over the basic synth rhythm their way, they said it was a natural fit with the lyrical idea they had, so the collaboration was set. We met a few times in studio, and then would just pass things back and forth online until we were happy with it.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

The Prams: Yes yes yes. We’ve been releasing singles all year long and this was our “August release”. There’s a few more months in the year so there’s a few more songs in the pipeline for 2017.

Chris: We have lots of Hi-Fi Cali songs written and several of them recorded, or close to finished. I’m still figuring out what I want the project to look like overall. But I’m not too worried about having anything set in stone – I’m just trying things as I go with it. I think eventually we’ll put out an album or a few, but for now I just have a handful of singles to put out beyond this one. Next one might be accompanied with a ridiculous green screen video with people in costumes dancing like idiots, something like that, we’ll see…

What’s on the horizon for you?

Chris: In addition to the Hi-Fi Cali song releases, I’ve also got an ambient / neo-classical Elskavon album coming out in January, and have been starting to write new Bora York. There will also be a Bora York remix EP out before year’s end, where we had other Minneapolis producers remix one of our tracks from the first two LP’s.

The Prams: Hopefully a lot more collaborations with other artists and hopping on tour with Coldplay or something …whether they know it yet or not… 🙂

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