Chatterbox: Milk Buttons

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

We are a band called Milk Buttons. We use guitars and synths and drum kits to make songs about things we think about. We haven’t been around for very long but we’ve been playing and writing all sorts of music for a long time with other groups. Our first EP Songs for my Butcher Bird came out not so long ago and we have been very pleased and surprised by all of the lovely things people have said about it. We like writing songs, and it’s nice when other people seem to like them too. We are mainly a duo, but we also have a band that helped us on our last tour to get the songs together. They are nice boys. 

Where did the new single come from?

I (Cam) had it on my hard drive from many years ago. Jackson (other guy) asked me if I had any songs that i’d like to contribute to a new project we’d been discussing. We needed an outlet for our other songs that couldn’t fit with our other projects. I was cleaning out one of my old hard drives, and found this thing called “Piano/demo 3.1” and opened it up. It used to have this weird bridge in 11/8, but that got tossed and it kind of just turned into a single. The vocals on the single are the original ones from the demo, recorded in probably not many takes with an sm57, and distorted using an Ibanez tube screamer distortion pedal. Very high tech. It’s a fun tune because it’s sneaky. It uses the same chords in 3 different ways and has some interesting metric qualities, which I like very much. It’s one of the most fun to play live because it’s loud and noisy. 

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Certainly. Jackson seems to write 12 songs a week (I write 3 a year) so there is always plenty for us to work on. We’ve discussed the possibilities of an album/ep and which one is better at this stage. But it really depends on what happens over the next little while and what new material comes out of our efforts. 

What’s on the horizon for you?

We are going to produce a new single and a B side in the next month or so, probably release it within the 2-10 years. We’ve got plans for a new EP or album and hopefully some more shows. 


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