Chatterbox: TYNI

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a pop artist having a love affair with my music. I’m mesmerised by personalities I feel that we all have several very different sides to our self. I like to embrace that through performance, I use art and music as a form of expression helping me develop my own sense of who I am. Bowie was somebody who always spoke to me visually along with artists like lene lovich. I feel that whatever it was artists like Bowie had is still a very rare thing especially in music today but I’m about to bring all the magic back.

Where did the new single come from? 

Late spring talks of a summer where two people fall in love. It’s a place filled with desire and freedom. I wanted to create something that was more organic and experimental that felt real to not only me but to everybody else too. I imagined visually an enchanted Forrest cluttered in vines draped with Poison ivy. It’s an incredibly empowering for women in particular. It explores a sensual world that most people are afraid of, It’s a rolling around in the grass kind of tune. 

Is there more content in the pipeline?

I have a lot of material ready for the world. There’s so much more I have to give musically. Late spring is just a taster of what I’m all about and who I am. The more people invite themselves into my world the more things they’ll discover about me as an artist. 

What’s on the horizon for you?

Hopefully I will be doing a lot more festivals. Glastonbury was the first festival I ever played which was a surreal experience so I’m still pretty high on that buzz. I’m ready for everything. I’m gigging at the tramlines festival in Sheffield on the 21st of July so that should be fun. If you check out my Twitter/Instagram/Facebook pages you can also catch me doing more gigs in the uk. ​


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