Chatterbox: Joshua

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Joshua, a 19-year old artist from Austin, Texas, currently living out in Oregon as a music student at the University of Oregon. I am finessing my bass skills, and the accompanied bass face, as we speak, while I play piano, drums, sing, and produce currently. I am a massive advocate of “let the music flow” and definitely prefer freestyling vocals, laying down drums or feeling out chords and melodies in a jam session rather than sitting down and programming a track, but I mean in the end its all music… and I LOVE MUSIC.     

Where did the new single come from?

Over the course of my freshman year at college, I put together a 7-track project focusing on the internal struggles, stresses, and strains of deeply connecting with others that I’ve dealt with as I grow and develop. Flowers and Fallacies, a personal and emotional account of various aspects of my life and interactions, will be out on 6.14.2017. The feature, Alivia Nelson, is a music student at the same university as myself, as well a close friend. Lose Your Mind had been in the vault for almost a year and even had 3 complete versions, with different features on each, before Alivia and I got in the studio (which is in my dorm), vibed out, and crafted Lose Your Mind.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

There is WAY more content in the pipeline. Although Flowers and Fallacies has not even been released, I have started production on a project that is going to revolve around the 4 seasons and have 4 distinct, contrasting but balanced sounds that portray my mindset and outlook on life during each of the seasons respectively. In addition to that project a team of creatives and I, in a sub group of Combined Culture, have been working on a campaign to shed light on the power art grants the creator and those who consume it with — EXPRESSION, COMUNICATION, & COMMUNITY – but that’s all you can know for now!

What’s on the horizon for you?

Strictly related to my pursuit of music, we have the ‘Seasons’ concept project, more singles, a developed and engaging live set that let’s me connect deeply with fans and supporters on tour, and interactive webpages/music videos to spread my sounds and ideas! Also on the horizon, but approaching quickly, exists a socially and politically conscious reoccurring event that combines all forms of art to create a community able to engage in intellectual, powerful, and relevant conversation that will push for the change needed in our culture.

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