Chatterbox: Days Away

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

We’re a couple of friends that met by chance at a party who just happened to be interested in the same kind of music. I (Colton Eason, 19) had just released an EP that had a particular song Jake (Adler, 23) liked quite a bit. Shortly after that we started working on the stuff that you’re hearing now. I’d say our music is a mix between modern synth-pop, trap, r&b, and dance music. Right now we’re focusing on building our image, our repertoire, and picking up a couple more live musicians before we embark on the journey that is playing shows. Speaking of live musicians, shoutout to Elliot Ross our guitar player, super dope, super talented.

Where did the new single come from?

New Girl came about because I (Colton) had been talking to this girl from my hometown for a while. I was super interested in her but I guess since I moved to Austin she lost interest in me. She wasn’t responding to my messages as much as she was before. The bit that sparked the actual creation of the song was “She don’t answer my calls no more”. We had already begun working on the beat, but one night I got a couple snaps of the girl making out with some random dude. As you can imagine, I got pretty pissed and that’s what fueled the creation of the rest of the song. In terms of production, it had already been pretty bouncy and fun to listen to, so it was kind of our attempt at making a really bass-heavy dance track.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

So earlier I said we were trying to build up our repertoire and by that I mean we’re writing and producing a bunch of original material. We’ve got one single that we should be releasing June 23rd, as well as a bunch of completed songs that we’re working on releasing in a two part EP at 2 or 3 week intervals following the next single. Other than that we’re collaborating with a few other artists in the Austin area as well as some other artists across the country. All that being said, we’re really excited for the future and we think something great can come out of this project.

What’s on the horizon for you?

I’m switching schools to major in music production, but I’ll only be 30-40 minutes away from Jake and Elliot, so we’ll still be working on the project. After we’ve got both parts of the EP out, we’re going to be playing as many shows and making as many connections as possible.

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