Chatterbox: Shuba

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a 21 years old singer-songwriter and college student. I started singing when I was three years old when my parents got me this children’s book that had songs. When I was 10, singing finally became my favorite thing to do aside from watching cartoons and hanging out with my sister.

I was raised with Indian parents, I borrow a lot of influence from Bollywood culture for my own songs and am really proud of my heritage. I grew up with a fairly normal life. Middle school I started becoming more awkward and in high school I learned to embrace the awkwardness. It’s a huge part of who I am and what my humor (which is super dry) is like and what I write my songs about.

When I was 17 I got on American Idol and made it past Hollywood to the top 20 females, which was a surreal experience since I had spent years of my life just wondering what it’d be like to get a “Golden Ticket”. That whole experience changed my life forever. Singing had always been my “thing” but I started to write songs so I could transition from being just a singer to an artist. When I got to college I got a little wrapped up in school and just college life in general, but I kept my singing alive through being in the A Cappella group “Voices in Your Head”, which is super well known in the college A Cappella community.

Last year, I met the guy who literally changed my life, my manager and producer Chason. We started working on music together and since then I have started to grow as an artist and I can barely keep up with where things are going now. Right now, I am grateful and I want to do this for the rest of my life. I love writing about philosophical mid-life crisis situations and having dumb and crazy experiences with friends. My snap stories are also straight fire so I would consider following me on it if you want to see how a real life musical looks. (@rgbqt)

Where did the new single come from?

“Eye to Eye” came about when one of my favorite emerging singers,  Christina Grimmie, passed away. It was also about the time during the Florida shooting. I wrote this song out of frustration that people act impulsively instead of looking at another person and just trying to take on their perspective and step in their shoes. The bells were just something that popped in my head. I wanted a unique, Indian sounding melody, so I sang it to Chason and the rest of the song came together naturally.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Of course! All I do these days is write and record silly voice memos of melody ideas during class and in public spaces. Be on the lookout for my debut mixtape later Summer/ Fall 2017

What’s on the horizon for you?

Aside from music releases, I do a lot of performances. Friday, April 21st I am performing for Lake FX Chicago and this summer in July I will be doing the Taste of Chicago, which I am really honored to be a part of.  Those are the major ones right now but I am eager to do more shows as more of my music gets out in the world for people to listen to first. (Include relay for life performance)


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