Chatterbox: Safetalk

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

We are two French producers and an English singer, united in sharing the sonic contrasts that reflect our environment. We started working together on only one track, just as a test of our connective abilities, but to be honest a real magic happened which pushed us to share more words. In conversing the three of us found or even imagined an echoing language, a singular syntax for pop music. In an era of global communication it is paradoxically getting harder to have a clear and open conversation with someone else, the “truth” seems to have become flexible through liquid words and fake acknowledgement. Safetalk is our idiom to express a radical, true and aesthetically defined vision.

Where did the new single come from?

Universal is the debut release from Safetalk, transmitting a message of collective peace in a time of clear controversy. The song was written as an intention to share something unified in a world that continues to focus upon music that depends on transience, we wanted our debut to leave a defined mark on listeners. We can feel the potential of the Universal and we want listeners to embrace this release of magic too.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Of course, throughout this year we will be focused on releasing new transmissions, songs that touch on a number of social and conscious issues. Safetalk has been listening in to what has been happening in this world, taking the time to write and record our feedback and now we want to share what we have been absorbing. Later this year we will be exploring how Safetalk can offer something live to an audience who feel connected to the music, we look forward to sharing more transmissions with the world.

What’s on the horizon for you?

Just in the last few days we’ve had several likeminded artists get in touch who want to translate ‘Universal’ into their own language, so we’re looking forward to hearing and sharing their interpretations. Then in a near future we want to focus on live shows, a chance to spread the word of Safetalk in person. This project was born with the necessity of interactions and we need to expand upon these.

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