Chatterbox: Wintermeyer

Hey, tell us a bit about yourselves.

We’re a duo born and bred from Brighton, UK. Two brothers with very different musical backgrounds, one in Jazz, Funk the other in Electronic, Ambient, and Alternative R&B music. We decided one day to have a go writing with each other and instead of fighting, we actually found that it clicked and we were creating something exciting and to our knowledge a very new sound!

Where did the new single come from?

“I’ve Got You Under My Skin”, is actually a cover of a classic ‘Frank Sinatra’ song. When we first started writing, as well as writing originals, we wanted to cover old jazz classics.
Our aim was to try and turn them into modern pop songs with electronic production but still holding onto the core of the song and lyrics.

I guess trying to make them more relevant for todays audience. “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” was born in our early days but we wanted to put it out there for people to hopefully enjoy and hear a totally new take on a classic song.

Is there more in the pipeline?

Of course! We’re sitting on a load of material we’re itching to get out there. The plan is to release an EP April/May which will be our first body of work we’ll be putting out, self titled: “WINTERMEYER Vol. 1”. We’re excited about the feature track on the E.P. as we really feel its crossing genres whilst retaining a cohesive sound that hopefully people will really enjoy!

Whats on the horizon for you?

It’s still early days for us but we’ve got big plans, dreams and visions particularly with the live show. When we first put a live band together for the first live music video we shot we were taken aback by the sound we created, it was huge which we were not honestly expecting! The music lends itself to the live setting hugely. With both of us loving performing and having our own history individually touring and gigging, our focus on the horizon is getting the first London and Brighton shows booked in and we’ll go from there!

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