Chatterbox: Wolkoff & Atropolis

Hey, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Atropolis: I have a high respect for those who master the craft of the bacon egg and cheese. I am currently exploring the world of analog compressors, some bad ass audio equipment handmade in the USA, I tell you that much. Only if Trump knew, maybe they’d become more affordable.

Wolkoff: I live in a tree fort and drink from a tea set made of mud and twigs. This lifestyle is funded though my music, teaching and journalism in NYC.

Where did the new single come from?

Atropolis: Joanie (Wolkoff) is the mastermind behind this single. She sent me an Ableton live sketch, and that was the foundation of this single. Her entire sketch inspired every single sound in the production, it was brilliant! The other place is deeply rooted in my interest, love and respect for dem bow and dancehall rhythms.

Wolkoff: I’m pretty sure it came from science fiction.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Atropolis: Yes Joanie and I have another track to come, at least.

Wolkoff: Definitely more magic coming your way from Team Atropolis-Wolkoff. You’ve been warned.

What’s on the horizon for you?

Atropolis: A couple original collaborations, one with Zuzuka Poderosa that will be coming out soon, as well as another track with Slavic Soul Party. Sketching out some new idea’s with Lido Pimienta. I also got some remixes to come out, one is for Cut Chemist’s, Colombian bootleg remix compilation. As well as remixes for, Gizmo Varialls and Matteo Kingmans. BOOM!

Wolkoff: Stay tuned for my forthcoming album “Who Wouldn’t Fall” produced by John Cleary, live performances this spring at Savannah Stopover Festival and Canadian Music Week, my first novel and maybe archery lessons.

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