Chatterbox: Justy

Justy is a 21 year-old alt-R&B artist hailing from Staten Island, New York. She’s making the kind of R&B that we all what to hear, with just enough 90’s and just enough contemporary arrangement. ‘Can’t Trust It’ was produced by Beat Joven, it also features Jaded – who will be releasing ‘Limerence’, a joint EP with Justy.

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself. 

I was born in Brooklyn, NY raised in Staten Island, NY, where I currently reside. My musical journey started with a three string guitar. I was gifted a hand-me-down guitar by my first guitar instructor when I was 8 years old. He told me I could work around what I had and I essentially just put noises and sounds together—by 12, I was writing my own songs. As soon as I got into high school, I began developing my artistry more seriously. I studied music theory again, I formed a band, and even got to meet a top Warner Music executive who critiqued my groups single (which wasn’t all that good to be honest, but it was a humbling experience). All of this was exhilarating and thrilling, but it was mediocre. After this experience, I would spend hours in my bedroom recording and writing songs. I didn’t have anything, I was recording with the mic you get from the rock band game console, and I essentially turned my room into a makeshift studio.

What happened to the band?

Things were incredibly challenging, and I ended up going solo which made things even more stressful—but I never quit. Fast forward to present day, and I’m still completely dedicated to my craft. I spend hours writing, recording(with much better equipment thank God), going through beats, all in my bedroom. I’m a full-time English/Journalism major in an intensive honors program at my college, I work as a research assistant, and I’m also an active journalist—these are things that I like and enjoy, but I love music. Music has saved me in some of my darkest, and loneliest times. Music has given me a sort of confidence that I know I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t a part of my life.  I also owe a great amount of thanks to my family for just allowing me to have that creative space and my core team/friends who have been here since I was just messing around with chords in my room until now—they never gave up on me and they’re a big part of the reason why I keep going and I keep working.

Where did the new single come from?

In terms of my single ‘Can’t Explain It,”  a friend of mine sent me the beat which they had stumbled across on youtube( it was produced by ITZSPVCEMAN) and it featured a sample from “Her” which is my favorite movie, so they were like you HAVE to do something with this. So I basically record/write the record “Can’t Explain It.” When I was writing I honestly just thought about someone I love and I tried to put into words what it’s like loving them, how it’s reckless at times, and foolish, how it isn’t necessarily reciprocated(which is why you never hear the other persons point of view), or how much I love them, and I was just like wait I can’t even explain it. So that in turn became the ending line in the chorus and I built the rest of the song off of that.

Then when I was gearing up for promo for my EP “SAUDADE V1,” I posted some snippets of the songs to my snapchat, Jaded(fellow emerging artist/college student/ and overall great guy) hears and he’s like I HAVE to get on this. So I sent him the track, he put down his verses, and it came together perfectly, as I knew it would because we also have another collab on my EP called “Make It Back,” that was a fan favorite. I think it really resonates with listeners because people understand what it’s like to love someone beyond your own comprehension, so in a lot of ways it turned into more than just my expression of why/how I love this person, it turned into a universal narrative that people just really vibed with and I’m so grateful that me opening up my heart through music has in turned allowed other people to connect to theirs. 

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