Mini Melon Mix Ups: Nate Amor, Michael Dean, Jasmine Crowe, Savannah Ashley, Nadav Dagon X Okra feat. Udi Ben Knaan, common goldfish, Mokka X Infraction, Magz, Ava Della Pietra, IAMDDB and BAILEN

‘Tis the season for love! And for us that means falling in love with some new music. Here’s our latest selection of brand new tracks that made us fall head over heels this past fortnight. Enjoy!

Hailing from Minneapolis and now based in Los Angeles, singer and songwriter Nator Amor grew up on a healthy diet of rock’n’roll americana with the likes of Elvis Presley and The Beach Boys being his favourites. Since that early age, he’s tried to deploy honest and impactful lyrics into his songwriting, which is exactly what you’ll find in the personal new song ‘Keep Dreaming’. Centered around the artist’s dusky voice, this song is a beautiful combination of americana strings and modern melodies designed to inspire the listen to take the good with the bad, but most importantly to never give up.

‘Keep Dreaming’ is special to me in that it’s part of a healing journey in recovery and in life. Songs about relapse, sobriety, codependency, love and hope. The first song I wrote from this record, “Gone”, was written after the loss of my mother to cancer, then shortly after “Beautiful” was written for my daughter. It’s a really personal deep dive and ends with the last song I wrote, the title track “Keep Dreaming” which is to say… it’s never gonna be perfect, relationship, career, anything in life… there is no perfect situation, so just accept things where they are and do your best one day at a time.

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‘Rollercoaster’ is the lofi pop and minimalist trap track from promising New Mexico talent Dean Michael Martinez, aka Micheal Dean. The song and music video are a cinematic tale of young love, with the subtle production and emotive lyrics drenched in melancholic, romantic bliss and takes a look at the ups and downs of a past relationship. The timeless metaphor of a rollercoaster is central to this nostalgic single, but especially the music video filmed on Santa Monica pier, which was directed by Derrick Webb and Christopher Jackson.

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Emerging pop vocalist and songwriter Jasmine Crowe is putting a new spin on the classic love theme with ‘The Shirt Song’, a lighthearted and sincere ode to feeling close to the one you love. It’s all about the intimacy you can experience by wearing your partner’s clothing in the form of a welcoming and warm acoustic pop singalong, decorated with glossy violin, silky backing vocals, and an irresistibly danceable beat. Suitably this track will feature on the artist’s upcoming album, Lovesick, set to drop later this year.

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Nashville singer-songwriter Savannah Ashely is currently gearing up to release an EP this coming Spring and so we wanted to get a taste of that record through recent new song ‘if i had a funeral’. Set over an open, isolated acoustic guitar, this song invites in feelings of regret, nostalgic, reflection and heartbreak via the imagined scenario of a funeral. Her voice, which is the obvious standout here, goes from quiet melodies to powerhouse moments that reflect the range of emotions captured in this provocative new single.

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‘Connecting’ is an expansive and experimental song that brings to mind many forms of connections, whether that be between humans and nature, different cultures and countries, forms of music, or between individual people. It’s that last point that is perhaps the most obvious here as the song is the result of a collaboration between Nadav Dagon, amazing singer-songwriter Orka, and the multi-instrumentalist Udi Ben Knaan, who adds the unique sound of a Cretan lyra to the song. Together, these three musicians have created an organic world interlacing electronica and folk that fosters feelings of closeness and love through this mesmerizing production.

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Here’s an unconventional track for that Friday feeling from London independent artist and producer common goldfish. His music is inspired by the 90s and in ‘Low Lights and Throwback Tunes’ the link to early piano-house is clear, with a spirited array of keys, looped beats and retro electronica. The artist’s atypical vocal style sings hedonistically about hanging out with friends, partying into the early hours and lots of nostalgia. You can’t help but dancing along with this one.

“The songs about those moments you share with your mates and that one iconic throwback tune starts blaring out the speakers. Before you know it, everyone’s up and dancing, and there’s an energy flowing through the room. I had a vocal hook in mind, but the lyrics came later, through collaboration with an old friend of mine who’s a writer. He’d sent me some poetry he’d been working on, and the first line of one poem really jumped out – “Low lights and throwback tunes”. I was immediately hit with a sense of nostalgia and knew that had to be the basis of the song.”

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We have another unique collaboration this week between Mokka (aka Arthur Safarov) and Infraction (Ivan Malkov), who have come together to create a hypnotic slow-tempo track ‘Leaving Home’ that blends ethereal synths and captivating vocals. The calm exterior conveys the stoic front that one is expected to put on when moving from your home country in the pursuit of a brighter, yet unknown, future. For many artists whose countries lack the infrastructure to support their creativity, they’re left with little other choice, and we’re honestly surprised that more haven’t tackled this emotionally and mentally challenging obstacle more.

“The song is about the situation of leaving one’s homeland and the fears and uncertainty of the unknown future ahead, which I believe many people can relate to. I had to leave my home urgently because of the started war 10 months ago. It is my attempt to continue to embody creative musical ideas after several months of fear of the unknown, the fear of losing your home when you are forced to look for a new home, and struggling to find your place in the world anew. I’ve also made a lyric video for this tune.”

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Based in New York City, Magz is an independent singer, songwriter, and producer who proudly wears her heart on her sleeve in her songs and as such listeners will be immersed in the artist’s full vulnerability and authenticity. In songs like her newest one ‘For Good’, the honest songwriter looks to connect with anyone who has experienced mental health struggles, particularly in their twenties. Surrounding the highly personal lyrics is a glistening indie-pop soundscape full of reverberated acoustic guitar, paced percussion and layers of Magz’ soulful, R&B-tinged pop vocal. It’s such a sweet and sincere listen, straight from the heart.

“It’s been said to accept the things you cannot change. You keep on moving, though nothing stays linear. Somehow you find something to hang on to, even when nothings left. Somehow you’re strong but also fragile. But there is strength in fragility, and fragility in strength. My mental health has not been a journey, but an odyssey. I never thought that I would make it to age 25, yet here I am. I hope with this song that people feel less alone in this darkness.”

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Multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter and Broadway star Ava returns with a gorgeous, acoustic Pop ballad in the form of ‘Happy For You’ next. Flaunting her clear, crisp and capable vocals, she effortlessly glides across the track. Simple, smooth and sublime Ava demonstrates a beautiful tone over expert control. Pouring her heart out in this emotionally charged, soaring single, this acoustic rendition really showcases just how talented this young artist is and the sky is truly the limit.

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If you aren’t already familiar with the futuristic female powerhouse that is IAMDDB aka Diana De Brito then allow us to introduce you to the next big thing and your newest obsession. Pushing the boundaries of genre left, right and centre she embodies the next generation of young, talented and confident female artists coming through. Blending Soul & Jazz with Trap and RnB, this incredible Future Jazz/Neo Soul artist is bold and unafraid. Pioneering her way, new single ‘Where Did The Love Go? sticks to this winning formula with even more experimentation as IAMDBB dabbles with Drum n Bass beats, yet again showing her diverse discography and continuously transporting us to new realms with her artistry.

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Last but by no means least we end this weeks MMM on a colossal high with the incredibly infectious new Indie pop single ‘Call It Like It Is’ by three-piece band BAILEN. A driving baseline, punchy percussion and perfectly placed harmonies ‘Call It Like It Is’ features expert arrangement and sophisticated lyricism, painted with powerful vocals that stop you dead in your tracks within seconds. Quietly clever, effortlessly cool and utterly addictive, if you do anything this week, listen to this track! We are OBSESSED!

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